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Hi my name is JD Marshall! I am a passionate software engineer with love for the great Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains and people. While I never lived in the valley, I grew up coming to Montpelier and Dingle to visit family and friends. I have two grandparents buried in Dingle and my parents now live in Bloomington. I tend to travel to the valley monthly and even more during the winter for snowmobile excursions.

The idea came to me to form Bear Lake Web after my mother introduced me to her friend Montana who was struggling with her free website platform. She expressed her frustrations and confusion of setting up her site. So I helped Montana, the horse whisper, get her horseback trail riding business online. I really enjoyed helping Montana with her website and driving more business to her.

My goal is to drive more traffic to local business via an online experience. Some requests maybe outside of my reach or may take some discovery but that is why I choose the flat rate monthly fee, so you aren't paying an arm and a leg. I swallow the labor in hope to make it up through a long term relationship.

Our Values

  • Trust - Trust is very important to us. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident know that we are here to support you.
  • Humility - We aren't perfect and we recognize that. The expectation is that we learn, grow, and move forward together.
  • Communication - We need to talk, to share ideas, to collaborate. Miscommunication causes frustrations and mistakes. We believe in communicating frequently via in person, phone, email, text, and messenger. Lets talk the way you want to talk.
  • Community - Bear Lake Web wants to unite and strengthen the community. We do this by caring for others and helping them have a voice.
JD Marshall

Specialty: Developer
Expertise: Software
Length of Work: Since 2006
E-mail: [email protected]

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